Our Story

Charlie was a 2 year old Kelpie when Charlie & Co. Collars came to light in 2017. Since growing our business we have also expanded our family, adopting Wilbur. Wilbur is a gorgeous & gentle Kelpie x Border Collie. 

In the beginnings, when it was just Charlie and I, I had eyes for no other dog. Charlie was my world. Being very spoilt it was only natural to want the best of the best for Charlie and this extended to his collars & leads. Through-out his first year and a half of life Charlie went through multiple collars, you name it he tried it - but nothing lasted. Whilst they looked great to begin with they either faded & discoloured, frayed, got very dirty or rusted. He tried cheap collars, leather collars, expensive nylon collars but nothing was quite right. That was until I came across this amazing product, synthetic leather, manufactured right here in Australia and available in some beautiful colours. I decided to try my hand at making Charlie one. It took a while to perfect the collar, for it to be exactly what I had envisioned, but today I am happy to say we have found the fit.

Charlie & Co. Collars are perfect for us because the synthetic leather means it's soft, yet durable, water resistant, they wipe clean and the colour doesn't fade. They are perfect for our lifestyle, one of beach trips, swimming, camping trips, getting dirty and when at home or enjoying a night at the pub, Charlie is still looking good.

We can personally relate to your collar frustrations which is why I love being able to provide such an amazing all round product and look forward to seeing your best friend doting a Charlie & Co. Collar soon.

We love Charlie & Co. Collars I have no doubt you will love them too.